Sound attenuators for any HVAC system

The fan operation of HVAC systems may cause unwanted sound in the conditioned spaces or the surroundings. For installations suffering from such problems, we produce ducted sound attenuators which reduce the level of emitted sound with minimal friction losses of the air flow.

Two types of sound attenuators are available: With rectangular or circular cross section.

Rectangular cross section

These sound attenuators consist of a duct with baffles, oriented parallel to the air flow. The material of the baffles is sound attenuating stone wool.

The dimensions of the sound attenuating duct is usually bigger than the duct where it is connected, because the baffles reduce the available area of the air flow.

We produce sound attenuators of any dimension. Very big sound attenuators are build in pieces and assembled in place, because of otherwise significant difficulty of transport and handling.

Circular cross-section

A circular cross-section sound attenuator is essentially a double walled ducts, where the inner wall is perforated. The sound attenuating material resided betweeen the inner and the outer wall. The diameter of the sound attenuator is usually the same with the diameter of the duct where it is connected.

In sound attenuators of very big diameters, a cylindrical baffle is installed along the axis of the circular duct. Thus, the mass of the sound attenuating material is increased and better performance is attained.