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Heating, Ventilation and
Air Conditioning Systems

We design, construct and install
heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

High quality

We insist on the highest quality of our products and services, aiming at cost-effective solutions aligned with your specifications and needs.

Experience and Know-How

We combine theoretical knowledge of HVAC systems with extensive experience and know-how, so as to design and implement successful and economical solutions to your technical problems

Speed and reliability

We provide fast services during the construction phase of your project and we offer quick support for any issue that occurs during the operation of your HVAC system.



We fabricate and install rectangular or circular ducts, for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We also produce sound attenuators and double-wall insulated chimneys.


Centrifugal fans inside sound-absorbing fan sections. Available as direct drive or belt driven, and may be combined with water coils or filters.

Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods from stainless steel, with washable grease filters. Available either as extraction-only hoods or double hoods with fresh air supply


Furnaces for direct air heating, with diesel or gas burners. Suitable for greenhouses, drying facilities or other industrial applications.