We assemble centrifugal belt-driven fans of any type and size. Usual cases where centrifugal fans are required include:

  • Long duct runs with high air flow rates, where centrifugal fans are suitable because of the relatively high required static pressure.
  • Commercial kitchens or any applications where the air flow contains pollutants thus necessitating single inlet centrifugal fans where the electric motor outside the air flow.
  • Particle transfer systems, where high air flow velocities are required and therefore high static pressure centrifugal fans are used.
  • Systems where the air flow has high temperature or contains corrosive particles, thus requiring that the electric motor be outside the air flow.

Double inlet centrifugal fans are enclosed in a fan section with aluminum frame. The walls of the fan sections can be either single or double, with frelen or stone wool insulation.

Single inlet centrifugal fans are delivered either enclosed in a fan section or on a simple base frame and a belt safety guard, for lower cost where emitted noise is not an issue.